The Jane Austen Centre

Work Performed: WordPress Speed Optimisation

The Jane Austen Centre were having terrible problems with slow website speed leading to a poor user experience and low conversions. I was able to work closely with them to make the website load 50% faster.

Flatpack Productions

Work Performed: Web Design & Development

Flatpack Productions are a Winchester-based theatre company creating playful, crafted and innovative stories to help young people explore and shape the world around them.


Work Performed: Hosting Upgrade, WordPress Speed Optimisation, Web Design & Development

I initially joined the MONQ team as the WordPress speed optimisation expert. I was able to make the website load 100% faster which helped hugely with conversions.

I then began to work more closely with their existing team to assist with web design and development; I greatly improved the user experience throughout the site while fixing a number of existing problems.


Work Performed: WordPress Speed Optimisation

Over 129% faster, page size and requests both shrunk by 40%.

Meribel Unplugged

Work Performed: WordPress Speed Optimisation

Load time is 280% faster, post optimisation.

Nevill Media

Work Performed: Web Design & Development, membership platform & content creation

Nevill Media is an online training platform designed for business owners, entrepreneurs and students.

Effective Business Network

Work Performed: Membership Platform, Events Management, Community Management System

I built a fully integrated membership platform in addition to a community management system allowing networking groups to be managed much more efficiently.

Bi-Folds Bi-Design

Work Performed: Project Management System

I built a project management system controlled from Google Drive and integrated it into their WordPress site, this allows customers to track the progress of their projects online.