Email Marketing

Managed email marketing services that grow engagement and generate leads

Email marketing is an incredibly effective and low cost solution for keeping in contact with your customers and reaching out to new ones. Keep customers up to date, promote products, services and special offers.

Why use email marketing

Email has replaced phone calls as the choice method of contact between businesses and their customers. Utilised correctly the ROI (return on investment) on email marketing is greater than any other marketing method available to you.

Unlike traditional marketing methods, within minutes of sending each campaign you are able to see exactly who opened and engaged with it. This allows you to target your warmest leads and focus your sales efforts where they will generate the greatest return.

My email marketing solution can help you grow your sales, generate leads, promote your products, services, events and promotions, boost website traffic and create valuable long lasting relationships with customers.

Why use LSB Web Design?

I understand that email marketing may seem like a daunting prospect, but with the right marketing partner it can be the most valuable method available to your business.

I've got a long history of helping businesses promote themselves, and with expert knowledge in digital marketing no one is better placed to offer a simple and effective range of email marketing solutions.

I have partnered with a world leader in email marketing technology for small to medium sized businesses to bring you the most effective email marketing product available.

Beautifully Designed

If you don't have existing email templates then I'll design new ones for you that look great in every email program. Emails will always look like they've come from you and I strictly implement email marketing best practices such as single unsubscribe links and double opt.

Engaging Content

Let me do the work for you. I specialise in well written engaging copy to maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns and enhance your brand. I won't restrict your input in anyway however, so if you'd prefer to add your own personal touch then you are more than welcome to supply the email copy to be used.


My superb reporting system tells you at a glance the effectiveness of each campaign and identifies the best recipients to follow up with. See your lifetime history with each recipient, which campaigns they engaged with and what links they were interested in.


The most important factor in the delivery of your email is your sender reputation. We use dedicated email servers that maintain an incredibly high reputation score so that your emails actually land in your recipients inbox's instead of the junk folder.

Plans & Pricing

No extortionate set up fees and no long term contracts.

£ 70 /mo
Billed annually or $10/MO billed monthly.
  • 1 Email Per Month
  • 2 Email Templates
£ 135 /mo
Billed annually or $20/MO billed monthly.
  • 2 Emails Per Month
  • 3 Email Templates
£ 195 /mo
Billed annually or $30/MO billed monthly.
  • 3 Emails Per Month
  • 4 Email Templates

Additional emails can be added at any time to your package for only £50 per email. I also offer fully bespoke email marketing solutions if you need to send emails less frequently than the packages listed above.

If you’ve never taken advantage of email marketing, or are looking for an email marketing partner that delivers a better return on investment for your existing campaigns, why not contact me today to discuss your marketing objectives.